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My name is Cherokee


My Name Is Snoqualmie


Dark Cloud

My name is Dark Cloud


My Name is Phyllis Diller


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Recent events

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Services include:
Birthday Parties
Neighborhood Fairs
School Events
Family Reunions
Church Picnics
Corporate Functions
Special Events
Community Events
& Many More

Nursing Home

Some of our Petting Zoo clients:

Aberdeen Heights Senior Care

Annie Malone Children's Home

Better Family and Life


City of Pine Lawn

Jeffferson Intermediate School
(St. Charles, MO)

Justine Petersen

Lewis Place Neighborhood Reunion
Metro Link


Monsanto YMCA

Northern Southern Railroad

Nottingham DAJT High School

The Spanish Lake Community Association


St. Louis Newspaper Guild

St. Louis School of Pharmacy

Wordwide Technology

Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park

... Plus many Memorable Birthday Parties
and Family Reunions!


We accept Credit Cards for Payment:

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My name is Avalanche
Avalanche is just that, a power house of a llama boy. He is a tall boy with shiny long fiber and funky banana ears that drop at the top. He's a sweet heart and kids love to brush his fiber.

My name is Black Foot
Black Foot is a quiet black and white fiber boy with persian lamb curly fiber. He loves being walked and tended to.


My name is Geronimo
Geronimo is a gelded lovable boy and there's nothing shy about him. He probably would be the first to come up to a stranger as a greeter. His fiber is dense and soft as butter. A fashion designer would shine with his fiber.


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